Welcome to Heartland Greenhouse and Garden!

Welcome to Heartland Greenhouse and Garden!

Welcome to Heartland Greenhouse and Garden! We are glad you are here:)

Whether you’re looking to take a more sustainable approach to your food consumption, trying to avoid the numerous pesticides and fertilizers that make contact with most plants and vegetables, or just wanting to pick up a new hobby that lets you get some fresh air, growing your own food can be a healthy and rewarding activity for you and your family. While there are many factors to consider when growing your own food, such as climate, growing space, sunlight access, and your budget, there are numerous ways for you to start successfully growing a variety of fruits, herbs, and vegetables from the comfort of your home, regardless of what your growing space might look like. In this guide, we’ll briefly outline several of the main products we sell here at Heartland Greenhouse and Garden Supply, to help you make a decision on what is the most effective way for you to start growing at home!


If you have a large backyard or outdoor space to work with, a greenhouse is an invaluable resource for maximizing your growing potential and allowing you to grow year round regardless of the weather. Greenhouses yield numerous benefits in that they are able to protect your plants from freezing temperatures, outside animals that may feed on plants like rabbits and deer, and from weather conditions like excessive rain or wind that may damage your plants. While there are several different materials greenhouses are made from, there are numerous factors that can impact which style of greenhouse is most ideal for your specific growing situation. This is why in our GREENHOUSE BUYING GUIDE, we aim to provide our customers with as much prior knowledge and resources as possible about which greenhouse might be right for them and their specific growing situation. 

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great way to grow large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables without the space and budget required for a greenhouse. Raised garden beds are not only aesthetically pleasing and put a lot less stress on your back and knees, but they also yield numerous benefits in terms of growing. Raised beds allow for less soil compaction, have better drainage, and keep the soil warmer for a longer period of time and allow the soil to warm earlier in the growing season. At Heartland Greenhouse and Garden, we offer raised garden beds in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Check out our selection of raised garden beds HERE

Patio Gardening 

If you live in a more urban setting, or in an apartment, and don’t have access to a large space outside, there are numerous ways to utilize a smaller growing space on your patio or balcony area. Products like the GARDEN TOWER allow you to grow over 50 plants at once, all without taking up more than a couple square feet of space in your home. Another great resource that you can utilize on your patio, back porch, or balcony, is one of our many products from VERTICAL GARDEN SUPPLY. These products can either be wall mounted outside or are stand up racks that allow you to grow many different types of plants with no weeding or digging, and lets you harvest standing up. You can even water with a timer for when you’re not home! 

Indoor Growing 

For those that want to keep their growing projects indoors, the TOWER GARDEN is an excellent resource that allows you to produce a large amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers without taking up too much space, and without stepping foot outside your kitchen or home. The Tower Garden’s self watering system also makes maintaining your plants easy and stress free. The Tower Garden is a great product for anyone that’s focused heavily on saving space and money while growing their own fresh food from home! Additionally, the INDOOR VARDEN KIT is a luxurious and practical way to grow your own food that can be hung from a wall inside your kitchen. Not only is the Indoor Varden Kit an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home, but it gives you the ability to grow, harvest, and cook, in style from the comfort of your own kitchen!