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Lumen & Forge Geodesic Greenhouse Dome

Lumen & Forge

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4m dome

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Geodesic Dome - Greenhouse - Sunroom - Dining


There are many advantages to using a Geodesic Dome structure to house your outdoor needs. Whether it be a greenhouse to extend your growing season or a cozy sunroom to read and relax in the backyard, these Domes will surely be a nice addition to any application. They're stylish, strong, and durable while maintaining a functional outdoor structure that provides shelter from nature's harsher elements while allowing all the visual advantages of being in those elements.

The geodesic design works to have more efficient and uniform airflow throughout the structure while keeping temperature levels stable and maximizing solar gain. Their unique shape allows for easy assembly while also creating a structure that can withstand most inclement weather. With a minimal amount of flat surfaces, rain, wind, and snow can easily move off the cover without building up. The unique design also creates even weight distribution allowing the frame to be extremely stable. This allows items such as lighting or decor to be hung or fastened to the frame without issue. With 3 sizes available, we are sure you will find them suitable to fit your outdoor needs. Get yours today!

Features & Benefits:

  • Uniform temperatures
  • High volume to surface area ratio
  • Stable and strong structure
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Steel, Aluminum, and Nylon hardware
  • Vinyl cover that is water-proof, easy to clean, and flame certified
  • Cover thickness is 30 mil (0.03 inches)
  • Wind resistance of – 96km/hr / 60ml/hr
  • Snow load capacity is - 7lbs/ft²
  • A 35" x 85.5" door
  • Two velcro side vents with optional bug screen
  • Room to run water lines at the base of cover
  • Two people to assemble in 4-6 hours
  • 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Dome Specs:

Diameter: 4m (13ft)


Diameter: 5m (16ft)


Diameter: 6m (20ft)

Area: 12m2 (132 ft2)


Area: 20m2 (200 ft2)


Area: 28m2 (310 ft2)

Height: 2.6m (8.6ft)


Height: 3m (9.7ft)


Height: 3.5m (11.5ft)

Volume: 19m3 (600 ft3)


Volume: 35m3 (1150 ft3)


Volume: 60m3 (2250 ft3)

Weight: 150kg (330lb)


Weight: 230kg (510lbs)


Weight: 335 kg (740 lbs)

Cover Thickness: 30mil (.03inches)


Cover Thickness: 30mil (.03inches)


Cover Thickness: 30mil (.03inches)



All of the domes come with a detailed manual displaying step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the dome properly along with cover care info. When choosing the location for your Dome, it’s suggested to pick a location that is protected from the wind. While a base isn't required, we strongly recommend that the Dome be anchored to the floor (wood deck/cement/dirt) with included anchoring plates. Anchoring hardware will need to be purchased separately to best suit the ground type of the location it will be installed on. More info about floor anchoring is listed in the manual.


All 4-Meter Domes will be shipped freight in 1-2 weeks. Larger models may take 4-6 weeks. No matter the size, they will be shipped on a single pallet, unless multiple quantities are ordered.