Short on Space? Grow Up!

Short on Space? Grow Up!

Vertical Gardening: The Easiest Way to Save Space While Growing from Home 

When you think about the idea of growing your own food from home, what images pop into your head? You might be picturing rows of neatly arranged raised garden beds or an ornate greenhouse in a wide open backyard. But what if you don’t have a backyard? What if you live in a more urban area and your apartment only has a balcony or patio? You may be thinking that you don’t have enough space to be able to actually grow a significant amount of fruits, vegetables, or flowers from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to vertical gardening, this is far from true. 

Vertical gardening helps you save space by using a vertically suspended rack or mount on which plants are grown. Using hydroponics as the main watering source, vertical gardening allows you to grow upwards, narrowing the amount of square footage being taken up with growing. Vertical gardening is a great strategy for anyone that may not have a large outdoor area, like a backyard, to set up garden beds or a greenhouse to grow in. Not only can it be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any balcony, kitchen, or living room, but vertical gardening can yield just as many plants as say, a raised garden bed could, without taking up nearly as much space. 

Here at Heartland Greenhouse and Garden Supply, we offer many great vertical gardening essentials to help you get started growing at home. A great place to start would be our Outdoor Varden Kit. Only taking up 2 ft in width, the Outdoor Varden Kit is the perfect size for a patio or balcony and can hold up to 36 plants. That’s just as many plants as some raised beds can hold, and without taking up nearly as much space! 

Another vertical gardening essential that can be mounted on a wall right in your kitchen is the Indoor Varden Kit. Not only can you grow a large amount of fruits and vegetables right in the comfort of your kitchen, but it’s very aesthetically pleasing as well. 

Similarly, if you’re really looking to maximize your vertical growing potential, the Outdoor Varden A-Frame is the perfect solution. Standing 6 ft tall, this “farm on wheels'' is a movable rack that’s perfect for patios, balconies, or driveways. With over 48 sq ft of growing space on the movable frame, the A-Frame is the best choice for making the absolute most of your vertical growing space. 

No matter where you live or how much space you have, vertical gardening is a great way to maximize your growing potential without taking up an excessive amount of space. Not only is vertical gardening practical, wall mounts and racks full of blossoming flowers and vegetables can serve as great decor, indoors and outside. To browse our full selection of vertical gardening essentials, click here