Why Grow Your Own Food?

Why Grow Your Own Food?

Why Grow Your Own Food?

Here at Heartland Greenhouse and Garden Supply, growing your own food from home is what we’re all about! Growing your own food has so many benefits not just for the individuals growing, but for the planet as well. If you’re thinking about making the switch to growing your own food from home, here’s a couple of our favorite reasons why we love it so much. 

It Tastes Better

It’s impossible to deny that fresh, organic produce grown from home just tests better! This can be attributed to a variety of factors. One of the main reasons why homegrown organic produce tastes so good is that it’s picked at ideal ripeness. Produce at supermarkets that have been through long shipping and distribution processes are often picked before their peak freshness period so they can last longer on the shelves. 

More Nutritious 

Commercial agriculture focuses heavily on the “look” of produce because they think it’s more likely to sell on the shelves than produce that isn’t “traditionally good looking”. Unfortunately, produce that “looks good” is rarely the most nutritious. To get “better looking” produce, commercial growers will use various pesticides, hormones, and fertilizers, all of which can negatively impact the nutritional value of the produce. Growing your own produce however, allows you to better manage the soil your plants are growing in, helping your produce be more nutritious overall. 

Helps Lower Carbon Emissions

By decreasing your reliance on commercial agriculture, which creates a MASSIVE amount of carbon emissions, you can help reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. Since growing your own produces essentially zero carbon emissions, you can enjoy your tasty vegetables knowing that you’ve done your small part to help reduce carbon emissions! 

Less Fertilizer and Pesticides

Since fertilzier and pesticide sales for commercial agriculture total in the tens of billions of dollars each year, that means there’s a massive amount of synthetic chemicals being introuced to the soil the produce you get from the grocery store is being grown in. These chemicals have numerous negative effects not just to humans, but to the environment as well. By growing your own food, you can choose what goes in the soil or on the produce you’re growing. 

We hope that if you’re thinking about starting to grow your own organic produce from home, this list may have helped put some things into perspective! Not only does growing your own food yield many benefits for you and your family, but it can also have a positive, meaningful impact on the world around you as well!